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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Days Like These

Had the sunshine not been calling my name, it would have been taken a tornado to get me out of my bed this morning. Luckily, we are having yet another gorgeous day, so I decided to stick with it! My legs were feeling a bit like jello this morning, so I tried doing some yoga to energize my muscles, but they weren't having it! After eating a date and some apple slices, I cycled to the river to do my first speed workout since being in Germany. I wanted to ease into it - if I don't give myself limits, I will just keep pushing myself until I'm dead tired, and then inevitably take a break from training because I pushed myself too hard in the beginning. That being said, my workout went as such:

1 mile warm-up jog
3 x 1/2 mile, descending time: 4:53, 4:35, 4:15
1/2 mile cool-down jog
It took me about 15 minutes to really get into it thanks to jello legs, but I was feeling good on the last 1/2 mile of the speed workout. My goal is to get up to doing 4-5 1/2 miles and keep them all under 4 minutes. Starting slow but gotta start somewhere! :)

I was famished by the time I cycled home and showered, so I was really excited for my Overnight Oats this morning! I used the same base recipe I've been using and layered with 1/2 Banana Soft Serve + 1/2 Banana Soft Serve with PB& strawberry jam. Here was the final masterpiece:
So worth the effort! I topped it with granola, toasted walnuts, strawberries, and coconut flakes.
Tomorrow I think I'm going to try a new variation.. we'll see! :)

After my filling and re-energizing breakfast, I checked to see how the garden is coming along. There are bees buzzing everywhere! I love being able to sit under a tree and hear the buzzing from above. It makes me feel very connected with nature. We have some gorgeous flowers blooming!
The bees were loving these flowers! These were another of their favorites:
They were probably not loving my camera being all up in their faces, but I tried not to disturb them too much! Now off to work on my to-do list ... wish me luck!

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